This is Gab, I am a 39 years old human.
I've been writing software since 2001, professionally since 2006.
I am a 4 day week ambassador since 2013.


Here you can find my CV, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

✨ Skills

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🔨 Experience

Principal Software Engineer | Freelance

Pallyy Co. Ltd 4 day week


Leading the development of Pallyy, transitioning it from a solo project to a startup company.

Senior Software Engineer | Freelance

Wasder AB 4 day week


Led the development of the backend systems for the Game of Wasder (the gamification system of the platform).

Senior Software Engineer S.r.l. 4 day week

Milan, Italy + Remote

I worked for since its foundation as a Full Stack Engineer, in a small team of 5, managed directly by the CTO.

I was responsible, with my peers, for designing, developing, and testing the whole technology stack. Aside from tech duties we were involved in the whole product design process, we have established our Agile best practices based on DevOps methodology, in a CI/CD environment.

Senior Software Engineer

Piksel Inc. (R&D Office) 4 day week

Milan, Italy

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer I worked on several in-house products, written mainly in Java and Javascript, using Kanban agile methodology, automatic BDD tests in a CI/CD environment.

I was frequently involved in the HLA design in collaboration with Product Managers and Software Engineering Directors.


JustMetrics Ltd. 4 day week


Co-founded one of the most accurate Instagram analytics app available on the web. Worked on it, with two friends, as a side project during spare time.

Software Engineer

Milestone S.r.l. (UI & Game Logic) Full time

Milan, Italy

Worked mainly on the development of the WRC 3 video-game, shipped on PC, PS4, XBOX

Software Engineer

TXT e-Solutions S.p.A. (ICT & Media/Telco) Full time

Milan, Italy

Worked at first in ICT business unit on internal company software. Then moved in the R&D of Media/Telco business unit, on proprietary CMS and Video solutions.

Software Engineer

IW Bank S.p.A. (Risk Management) Full time

Milan, Italy

First work experience, as a sole programmer in the Risk Management office, while I was completing my bachelor.

🏆 Patents

When I worked in Piksel R&D, I had the opportunity to register two patents and co-authored them with my managers at that time. You can have a look at them here: